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  • Relief. Get to the source of your emotions and free yourself of the pain you've been suffering so you won't need to cover it up with emotional eating and drinking any longer.
  • Confidence. Be guided through a step-by-step process so you can feel confident about how to effectively process your emotions so you don’t feel lost and overwhelmed.
  • Community. Become part of an intimate and safe group of women — like you — who are struggling with emotional weight gain so you can feel comforted in knowing you aren’t alone.
  • Support. You'll feel safe expressing your emotions in one-on-one sessions where you will be acknowledged, heard and understood without judgement.
  • Tools. You'll learn a method for processing your emotions so that you can use it for all of the inevitable losses you'll experience in the future and never have to feel stuck with the pain that leads to overeating and drinking again.  
  • Convenience. Participate online from the comfort and privacy of your home so you can be a part of this program, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Lifetime access. Reference online resources so you can review your support materials any time you like down the road.
  • Facebook group. You'll be invited to join our private group of women so that you can get support from the community in-between calls. 
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Jennifer is an amazing coach. I have benefited from her perfect combination of empathy, practical advice and experience. It is so easy to open up during her sessions and you receive so much in return. A safe space to discuss the challenges of widowed moms and her expert guidance to explore our new context and goals. No judgment, no pressure. Jennifer has years of experience coaching and has gone through a similar situation. I strongly recommend her!

Maria Sanchez Puerta
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